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Yellow Arrow

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Yellow Arrow
Yellow Arrow
I have a flashing yellow arrow on my Volvo S40 (2002) after winter on the button "the".?

What this? Thank you very much in advance!

I would take to the dealer.

The creation of a supply of messaging services go home is one of the most efficient ways an entrepreneur can jump into the business world. Better than that, in many respects, it is something that can be done quite easily, without third party support. Independence in business is a valuable thing.

First, is a relatively low cost, the demand for pickup service right is likely to be always high. Anyone from busy moms, stressed on executives and tied time students are always looking for a some help on things that have been delivered to their homes and offices.

Of course, there are a handful of things you need before starting. A truck should really be obvious, but it is also important to have a computer, a printer and a telephone mobile. For many people, able to call a landline is also important, but it gives a certain amount if the credibility and longevity to the proceedings, particularly for the elderly. When it delivers to its customers, trust is essential.

While any truck that is roadworthy going to do, you will do a much better first printing (and better) if you can get your hands on something that looks good. If your budget allows, it might be worth making important, (Such as your name and phone number), on the side of the truck, for a spot of advertising.

Having got this organized, must work more than advertising. It is important that people know about you and your pickup service, a bit of time creating a brochure on your personal computer. It should not take a long time and very professional publications can be produced free of charge to the standard packages and free images.

Then, you must decide where to deliver these flyers, schools, retirement / nursing homes, business parks are good starting points. Also consider your local stores.

When your reservation has just started to roll in, try to develop a decent schedule to maximize your profits are, investing in software and mapping plan its route for multiple destinations. Working this way also will be better able to take last minute (more lucrative) jobs.

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Flashing Yellow Arrow (Lagging Green Arrow)