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Cut Archery

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Cut Archery
Cut Archery
You can use the back of a deer as a hamburger?

I use strips back of my deer burger for this job? So is best part of the deer to use for unequal? I know it sounds like a waste to use the strips again excellent burgers that can be used to make wing fillets, but I just want hamburger and beef jerky. Please let me know if I can convert the whole deer into burger or if some will not only be good. I also want to know if this is right-grind-grilled hamburger press cutting tonne thanks to a deer hunting rifle gun archery treestand timber farm corn combine big bass fishing to Cabela air rifle camo blind arrow to keep the answers coming guys need more advice

virtually all sectors of the deer can be ground to hamburger although I do not like to see the back straps go to the hamburger, but if that is your desire, go for it. I can make deer jerky is also great. but with all the new diseases around the FDA now recommends that after cutting the meat and marinade, then bake at 150 degrees before it dries. Another good idea, venison sausage, I have a local butcher to do for me. I have to close it to keep it long enough to enjoy myself. fire safe

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