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Silencing Moleskin

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Silencing Moleskin
Silencing Moleskin
any traditonal archers? ?

Hi I am into archery. I shoot a compound bow and have been fairly succesful. I was thinking about getting into traditonal and was wondering if anybody has any advice on what to look for when buying a bow?

I shoot a Bear Kodiak and love it. I would suggest getting a recurve and not a longbow as your first traditional bow. A recurve gives you greater speed and a little more range – out to 25 yards or so. You can get good used bows for under $100 if you shop around – check the limbs to make sure the bow isn’t twisted, and if it is a laminated bow, make sure the layers aren’t separating.

You’ll need a stringer to put your bow string on (don’t use the step through method – you could get hurt, or hurt the bow). You don’t use a release with traditional, so you’ll need a finger tab or glove (I like a tab). You’ll want some string silencers, too. Moleskin on the rest helps silence the bow, too.

You’ll want to shoot heavy, wooden arrows (traditional archery compensates for lower arrow velocity with heavier arrows, thus giving greater penetration). I suggest two-blade fixed broadheads (Magnus and Muzzy make excellent ones) and ash or cedar arrows. Kustom King makes first-rate arrows.

Practice, practice, practice. Get consistent with your release point and practice some more. Traditional archery relies on “instinctive shooting” – no sights or pins. It’s like throwing a rock – you just know how hard and what trajectory you will throw at a given object. Instinctive shooting is like that, but it takes a ton of practice. And have fun.

Moleskine number 1

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