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Youth Compound

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Youth Compound
Youth Compound
Compound bows?

My dad told me recently that he would receive a Diamond Black Ice, here's the link; When I said that, I wanted to get a new bow. I have been told by my father that I have been a natural at the time of archery. The latter compound bow that shot was a youth bow. I also shot with a recurve. I've never hunted archery, but I'd get into that. So my question is: I am looking for a new compound bow that could be compared to Black Ice. No matter the brand names because I do not know any. So any idea for a compound bow down? Thank you.

There are many brands out there Mathews, Hoyt, Browning, PSE, Bear, and many more. The new technology has some very fast and flat shooting. I shot an old bear, and I I'm used to it, sure would love to have one of the newer models Mathews or whatever, but just can not force my portfolio $ 800.00. Ice Black seems like a good bow, and could be a little cheaper than the hottest Mathews bow.

2009 Razor Edge – New Diamond Womens & Youth Compound Bow