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Archery Pro
Archery Pro
Where can I find a nice cheap compound bow for my son?

Archery season is in and my son is in to hunting. Now he’s wants a bow for archery and we cant find a nice cheap one. We checked Cabelas and Bass Pro , but they are 500$. Please help me and my son.

I have bought 3 from pawn shops.if you know any thing about bows, you can spot a good buy. i bought mine there 4 years ago, and only paid $ 200 for it and a lot of Accessories came with it. if you check and see one that looks nice get the name and go ask somebody at a pro shop

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

Extended draw length for longer draw archers Solid back wall Package includes: Infinite Edge Pro Bow, 3-Pin tundra sight, hostage XL arrow rest, DeadLock lite octane quiver, tube peep sight, BCY string loop, comfort wrist sling, and 5″ ultra-lite octane stabilizer Infinite draw setting Multi shooter bow…

Tru Ball Max Hunter Pro 4 Release

Tru Ball Max Hunter Pro 4 Release

The Max Hunter has maximum draw length. A smaller head and smaller jaws for more draw length and more bow speed. It’s completely quiet when loading. Activate trigger to open jaws. Let up on trigger to close them….

Axcel Archery Sights AccuTouch Carbon Pro Sight with X-41 Scope .010, Right Hand/Left Hand

Axcel Archery Sights AccuTouch Carbon Pro Sight with X-41 Scope .010, Right Hand/Left Hand


Single pin adjustable sight features accu-click system which allows the shooter to set “clicks” at desired distances. As the sight elevation is adjusted, it will stop at those specified distances. A 45 degree facing sight tape makes it easier for the shooter to see where the yardage Indicator is set. 1st, 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments can be made without the use of shims. Micro adjust windage is lo…

Protection Finger Tab Shooting Archery Glove Black

Protection Finger Tab Shooting Archery Glove Black


Brand new and high qualityDurable, soft and comfortable hand feelingProtection for the fingersSize (L x W): Approx. 7.8 x 6.8cm / 3.07 x 2.67 inchFinger width: Approx. 3.8cm / 1.5 inchColor: Black
Package Includes:
1 x Archery Finger Guard…

Archery Pro Tip Novelty T-shirt Funny Gag Gift

Archery Pro Tip Novelty T-shirt Funny Gag Gift

YOU WILL HIT THE BULL’S EYE WITH THIS ARCHERY PRO TIP T SHIRT on the street, at a party, beach or target range and let everyone know how passionate your are about bows and arrows. This tee shirt is designed to fit snugly, but best to order one size larger for a roomier feel. The first wash will remove the new-shirt fragrance. Click on the link above the product name for other Resalg novelty t-shir…

Crafting a personal home-made archery bow is not as difficult as one might suspect. You don’t have to be an expert wood worker in order to create a functional archery bow that can be used for hunting or recreation. There are a variety of woods that can be used in making an archery bow, such as yew, bamboo, willow, and lemon wood. Make sure that the wood you choose is about a yard in length, straight and containing absolutely no knots or coils. It is recommended that the wood be dry, but not dry to the point of cracking or else it will break when bent.

Remember: The most important tool in the process is your knife. It is imperative one uses a sharp pocket knife, so remember to have your knife sharpened before you begin your project.

To make an archery bow, the first step is to establish the natural curve of the wood – every piece of wood has one, although some may be easier to distinguish than others. This is extremely important as carving it on the wrong side would cause the bow to snap upon first use. Next, whittle the wood into a boomerang-like shape, meaning the ends of the stick should be slightly smaller than the middle. For example, if the middle is one inch thick, then the two ends should be close to 3/4 of an inch. To assure that your bow lasts long, tightly wrap a wet strip of leather around the center of the bow and allow it to dry naturally. This gives the bow an added durability and propels arrows at a greater speed.

At this point, the initial shape has been carved, and the next step is to attach a string. There are an unlimited amount of types of string one can use in making an archery bow. This list is a comprehensive list of different types of strings one can use:

-Fish line






Once you have chosen the type of string to use, it is necessary to wax the string to promote durability and protect from natural wear and tear. Next, carve a notch into each end of the bow and ring the string around each end. Make sure that the attached string is now taut, as a string that is floppy and loose is virtually useless in archery.

An archery bow would be nothing without the arrows. It is important to construct the arrows to fit inside the bow, but not too long, or else they will break on contact. The arrows can basically be long sticks, however each end is what makes them truly fly. The end facing out must be fitted with a steel arrowhead. For optimal flying, attach three feathers to the end closest to you.

If you follow these simple steps, you are well on your way to becoming an expert archery bow maker.

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