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Hunter Camo

September 8th, 2009 No comments

Hunter Camo
Hunter Camo
usually for hunting pig central California, what kind of camo hunters use?

Mossyoak disintegration or Realtree AP etc..

No matter where I hunt, I wear camouflage to the terrain like I'm going to hunt in. The higher your area, plus my figure is broken. I have no preference camouflage the marks .. just what ever works. I have a jacket that has Realtree pine needles, as part of the "pattern" and I prefer that one of the pine, because below.

If you are serious about the sport of hunting then you will most likely train equipped with the best you can afford. So let's face it, Gerber hunting knives are at the top of the charts when it comes to a quality knife.

These knives are not just for hunters though. Serious collectors understand the value and quality the name of Gerber.

Back in 1939, Gerber hunting knives born. Since then there have been many knives in different shapes and sizes in the market.

When you buy a Gerber, you're buying a product that has been designed with skill and precision by people who care about what they are doing. This is a trait evident in all their knives.

Joseph Gerber who was in the advertising business was the founder and original plan was to hire a person to do some kitchen knives that could give to its advertising clients.

These original knives proved very popular so we decided to invest all their time in the knife business.

Gerber hunting knives are still one of the top products in its class even after nearly seven decades. hunters experienced as these knives because they can feel a change in the pattern of cut when the knife starts to be boring. This allows them to identify when it's time to sharpen the leaf.

Many hunters are very aware of what it looks like a good knife from his belt. Gerber hunting knives are the hunter is experienced and knowledgeable. However, just because you have a Gerber in his belt is not meant to be a good hunter, but it will look the part.

There are several hunting knives Gerber quality available on the market today including:

  • Hunter Freeman
  • Harsey Fixed Blade Hunter with Tactical Sheath
  • Camo Magnum Jr
  • The Firestorm

In conclusion, if you're serious about the game then you should take seriously his hunting knife. Gerber hunting knives are valued for their quality and craftsmanship by experienced hunters throughout North America.

For the serious outdoors person we provide information that you cannot do without regarding wilderness survival kits and wilderness first aid kits and Gerber hunting knives. Visit our site today!
By M. Applebaum