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Fred Bear

January 8th, 2010 No comments

Fred Bear
Fred Bear
Teg Nugent Is really steal the song "Fred Bear" from someone?

I have been told by a lot of people that Ted Nugent was not the writer Fred Bear's original, and he stole it from someone. It looks like someone once told me he had a record of Fred Bear by the original artist, and especially Ted Nugent signed it for him! Someone knows the truth?

AMG All Music Guide, lists Nugent as the writer and the only artist to perform this song. Fred Bear was a famous hunter bow and links to Ted's passion to the sport. So I would say it is a unique Nugent.

As a relatively new resident to Palm Springs, CA, one of the first clumsy phrases I heard: "You have to do the 'bump-n-grind." After smile politely and drifting away from suggestor (s), I was relieved to know the time that the package "and grind" is a Palm Springs hiking trail Favorite by locals as a great workout. "It's behind the goal."

Thought a nice hike scenic track could not exist behind a retail store, was skeptical. This should be a dirt road and not really a trail. Although I am a girl, perhaps this way is too girly. I like a challenge to exercise. But I was pleasantly surprised when I approached the runway for a day, committed to understanding how the bump and grind got its name, and was immediately intrigued.

What is behind the goal. In the city of Rancho Mirage, near Highway 111 and Fred Waring Dr., after crossing the desert Mall Road is the painter. The trail starts Route painter. First, it appears as a slightly elevated hill … but as your eyes follow the beaten path, you can see the traces disappear behind the rocks, mountain-like terrain.

Right now, I see two separate paths – one left, one right. I on the right. No company on the road. As mentioned, this is a popular route with locals, and the work waiting one morning, or late afternoon activity. Not really is a walk of solitude.

I feel ready for the trek – is a warm and sunny day in early spring bright. I wear a light long-sleeved sweatshirt, sunglasses and a sun hat. Others wear the same shorts or wear and deposits. If you burn easily, opt for the sleeves. No shade – like you, the rocks and the bright sun. Water Bottled is a good idea too.

After application of sunscreen, pulling the hood of my hoodie and adjust my sunglasses, I'm ready to hike. Until a member of my hiking group says: "You look like a bomber." Ouch. Not wanting to be compared by Ted Kaczynski any other traveler, I give my side and remove fashionista said hoodie. Sun extra screen works very well. And when you think about it, no more than 12 years should wear a hoodie anyway.

While walking, the path is narrow at first. You must stop occasionally to let others go in the direction opposite. This path is expanded, allowing two people to walk side by side with time.

The scenery is beautiful (here is a stroke of Palm Springs and grind rel = "nofollow" href = ""> hiking trail camera photo of a phone) … but the road is at the heart of a city, what is looming in Palm Springs. Go high enough and the city noises silence. It's nice to hear the wind and the foot-steps. Take the headset button and enjoy the symphony mother nature.

Along the way, saw a couple of lizards, hawks and squirrels floating one. At least I think it was a squirrel. He also saw a pair of runners, mountain bikers, a family or two couples, singles.

For the first time, it took almost three hours to complete this ride … with stops along the way enjoy the view and the rest. The second time, took the road on the left side. It is more difficult, very steep in places. Over time, the trail connects to on the right, and leads to the top / end of the trail.

Download is nice. Easier to climb … but watch your step. It's easy to slide on loose rocks.

I recommend hiking trail the bump and grind when you visit Palm Springs. Since it is right-here-by, it's easy to find and offers a view that is not a golf or pool. Kids love it. If you're not an avid hiker, it is easy to turn around and return to the starting point in any time.

I testify that there is first-hand some paths, zigzag which are very tempting, but may take more away from its starting point, so continue the main road.

Enjoy your walk and visit Palm Springs … and to rethink the hoodie. " Location Map href = " 27s + path + rancho + mirage + ca & sll = 37.0625, -95.677068 & sspn = 40.409448,84.726562 & ie = UTF8 & hq = & hnear = Painters + Path, + Palm + Desert + Riverside, + California +92260 & ll = 33.725589, -116.40594 & spn = 0.020773,0.04137 & z = 15 & layer = c & cbll = 33.725494, -116.405932 & panoid = jKLiEHZyaGswEhnZ1Dltzg & cbp = 12232.76,, 0, -4.19 " > of painter Camino – track bump and grind.

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