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Super Slam

January 31st, 2009 No comments

Super Slam
Super Slam
How do you enter cheat codes in SuperSlam Shrek?

I tried to enter the trap shrek super slam, but the work i entered the code doestn and nothing happened.HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!

Go to and look for the game.

Too often people feel they need all kinds of fancy equipment and programming developed in order to get the kind of results they want – and for most of kids to build some muscle and shed some body fat. While nutrition plays a very important, I just do not think that most people work hard enough to get what they want. They daddle dilly through training, last session of the month from muscle and fiction hand and all, only to see the same person in the mirror after week week month after month.

Did you know that the definition of an insane person is the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result? Yes, I'd say about 90% of people go to a gym is in the "crazy" category – training doing the same old, same old "cardio routines, trying the same old fad diets, and not seeing a change in state strength or overall fitness. Well, people, time for a change! But in order to change, we gotta go back to the formation of a more primitive way – without worrying about all silly details that most rags muscular tension will tell you about. When it comes to real hardcore and building fitness, strength every day, the foundation stone Naked will make a good body.

Although I like weight training, kettlebells, sandbags, and the like, this article is more of a challenge than simply exercise routine. I challenge you can get in a workout with weights ass kick your just ONE moderately heavy (or adjustable dumbbells, preferably!). Concentration curls and tricep kickbacks not apply here, because we will be using explosive movements of the body to strengthen your body and send our metabolisms in overload!

First off, because we only have a dumbbell, we will be doing everything it was delivered. By working the body of one side at a time, we are forcing our stabilizers to work super hard while laying down left to right the imbalances that may have.

Secondly, this exercise can be done anywhere and will I recommend taking the dumbbell out – perhaps to your backyard or maybe a park. In short, there is nothing more refreshing than training outside – good for body and soul.

Ok, here's the session – as always we will do a brief warm-up, making sure it is hot, not just our body, but to get our minds prepared for what lies ahead. Its important to train with the approach and to train with the intention!

The Warm Up

1. Push Up Series
– Push Ups x 6 regular
– Push-ups t x 6 (3 each side)
– Indian inflections x 6

2. Squat / Lunge Series

– Regular body weight squats x 12
– Lateral Squats x 6 each side
– Reverse Lunges x 6 each side

3. Frog Thrust-Thrust series

1. Regular shifts (both feet to the outside of the hands) x 6
2. Frog Thrusts (both feet out of the hands) x 6
3. Thrusts x H. 6 (3 each)

A1) Dumbbell Snatch 5×5

Do 5 grabs with his left hand, switch hands, then 5 snatches with the right. When you this, make sure you're pushing her ass back and keep your weight on your heels as you lower the dumbbell down. Keep arms as straight as possible to as long as possible then jump! slam and heels on the floor.

a2) Dumbbell Push Pull 5×5

Immediately after the whole fragments, perform dumbbell push jerks – dive and drive with your weight on your heels and be sure to catch the weight with your knees slightly bent. PUNCH weight across the sky!

Rest for 60-90 seconds after each super set, and be sure to add weight as often as possible. This is a short session of body whole, but that is hitting every major muscle group in your body. Finish with some weighted dips and chins if you want a little extra upper body work, but if you go heavy with this, you will find eager to do something else later, quite difficult. Good luck!

Dustin Lebel

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